Marko and Marija Biomechanics class show students and professors how our NeuroBlast device works in practice.
” Day 03.11. as part of the class on Biomechanics, a guest lecture/practical demonstration of a functional prototype of a post-rehabilitation device called NeuroBlast which can be used for the treatment of neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, but and in the sportsmen. Neuroblast is one of the winners of the prestigious StarTech grant.
Neuroblast connects with modern video games and provides better visual stimulation and motivation to users (patients), thus encouraging the creation of new neural pathways and the reorganization of existing ones (neuroplasticity), which patients with neuro bad illnesses make everyday life easier in many ways.
The Neuroblast lecture and practical demonstration was attended live and online by students and professors of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports Management and the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science of Singidunum University.
Warm greetings,
Dr. Ivan Cuk, Associate Professor”