Gaming for a stronger tomorrow
Neuroblast uses cutting-edge technology to stimulate neuroplasticity.
By playing video games specifically designed to engage and challenge the brain, our device can help you work out entertainingly.


The Neuroblast Ecosystem is a versatile set of devices that helps adults and children with neurodegenerative disorders have continuity in a workout and improve their functions and coordination through interactive and immersive video games. It can be used at home or on the go, making it a convenient and accessible rehabilitation solution.

The concept of neuroplasticity is relatively new and represents the future in many fields of medicine and post-rehabilitation physical therapy.

Today, the old thesis that a damaged brain cell cannot recover is obsolete. Neurons can regenerate, and another group of neurons can take over the destroyed function of a part of the brain by creating new synapses between neurons in damaged parts of the brain, which is achieved in neurorehabilitation by repeating the movements of damaged limbs with visual and dopamine-driven stimulation.

Recently, we have faced an epidemic of various neurological disorders. The most common are MS, cerebral palsy, people suffering from stroke, with a third of all patients permanently disabled. Neurodegenerative diseases represent a significant burden for society, and they dramatically impair the health and quality of life of patients and their families.


  • Made first prototype for Neuroblast Controller
  • Won at Startech 2021
  • Integrated Neuroblast to Oculus Meta


  • Presented at Dubai EXPO Healt Week
  • Presented at Vienna Up
  • Won at Katapult 2022 Accelerator


  • Raised 600 000 eur from Katapult Accelerator and angel investor
  • Made prototypes for Neuroblast Balance Board and HandTrack
  • Had a trial at a private clinic and started the ALIMS procedure
  • Signed an R&D contract with the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, UOB
  • Won at EBRD Star Ventures, Cohort2023


  • Presenting at JFK Neuroscience Institute in New York
  • Won on Health Lab Accelerator organized by the European Institute of Technology and Roche
  • Collaborating with UNICEF on the joint venture for children

The Neuroblast


  • Easy to set up and use, and it can be used at home or on the go.
  • Uses interactive and immersive games to motivate patients and make their rehabilitation more enjoyable.
  • Can be used to improve a variety of hand functions, including strenght, dexterity and coordination.

The Neuroblast


  • After extensive testing of the basic Neuroblast controller at leading at clinics, in collaboration with physiotherapists and physiatrists, we concluded that an additional device is needed to help patients improve their balance and strengthen stabilization muscles.
  • Since the Neuroblast Controller can not effectivelity, knee stability and similar functions, the Neuroblast Aequa has been designed to assist in activating those muscles.

The Neuroblast


  • The Neuroblast Hand Track is a device that uses a 3D IR camera totrack the movements of the hand and fingers in real time.
  • It is to improve hand function and coordination in people with neurogical disorders, physical injuries, and other conditions.
  • The Neuroblast Visio uses engaging games and real-time monitoring to make rehabilitation more enjoyable and effective.

The Neuroblast


  • Terra, the smart carpet, revolutionizes home exercise with its interactive surface that responds to your movements.
  • Tailored for rehabilitation and fitness, Terra guides you through customized workouts, enhancing mobility and muscle strength with real-time feedback.
  • Its intuitive design seamlessly integrates into daily life, inviting users of all ages to step on and start their journey toward better health.


Marija Grujić


Marko Grujić


Ljubiša Petrović


Boris Gara

PhD in Electronics  HW & SW Engineer

Ivan Ćuk

PhD in BioMechanics BioMechanics R&D

Milan Stević

Senior Unity Developer

Jakov Perić

Junior Unity Developer

Jelica Jeremić

Graphic designer